Plant Care Gifts for The Certified Plantitas and Plantitos

As the year comes to a close, it’s evident that one of the biggest trends we’ve seen is the halaman trend! I’m sure you’ve got at least one friend or family member that has become a certified plantita or plantito. What better gift to give them this Christmas than products that will help them take care of their plant babies? You can shop for plant-care gifts with ease thanks to Shopee!

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8. Rose Gold Watering Can


rose gold watering can

Photo from Shopee

Water your plants in style with this sleek and chic rose gold watering can. It’s durable and scratch-proof, perfect for daily use.

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7. 3-in-1 Soil  Tester

soil tester

Photo from Shopee

Perfect for beginning plant parents, this 3-in-1 soil tester will tell if your plants need to be watered, if they’re getting enough light, and will help you control your soil’s pH levels. No more second-guessing with this gadget.

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6. Levitating Plant Stand

levitating plant stand

Photo from Shopee

Display your plants in a new unique way with this levitating plant stand! It’s made out of very sturdy material, so you can show off your plants and your plant stand confidently.

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5. Mini Greenhouse

mini greenhouse

Photo from Shopee

For a little extra protection for your plant babies, you can get your very own mini greenhouse. It’s easy to assemble, and it’s sure to keep harsh weather conditions and pests away.

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4. Garden Rubber Gloves With Claws

gloves with claws

Photo from Shopee

You don’t have to let your hands and nails get destroyed when gardening thanks to these rubber gloves. It comes with a set of claws for easier digging, planting, and raking. These garden gloves are a one-step solution to your gardening tasks.

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3. Gardening Tool Kit

tool kit

Photo from Shopee

The essentials that plant parents need are, of course, a complete set of tools. This gardening tool kit can include up to 10 tools, including shovels, a rake, and even a spray bottle for watering. The kit also comes inside a sturdy tool case to keep everything in one place.

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2. Plant Shears

plant shears

Photo from Shopee

For plant parents who are well into the maturity of their plants, these plant shears are a must-have! Perfect for pruning and grafting,

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1. Thieves Plant Spray


Photo from Shopee

This 100% organic plant spray keeps pests at bay, helps with plant growth, and can even be used for cleaning! That’s an all-in-one product that any plantita and plantito should have.

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