Plana’s Pantry: Home-Cooked Meals That Will Warm Your Hearts

Plana’s Pantry is all about family, delightful food, and good relationships. It is owned and operated by husband and wife Jolly and Rachel Plana. Their passion for delicious food took shape in their home, specifically in their pantry! As a young married couple, they feel blessed to have weekly dinners with both sides of their family.

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The Planas took pleasure in planning and preparing what to serve their guests and have always been reciprocated with nothing but praises. Apparently, while other families are singers or dancers, the Planas are cooks! Everyone in the family is a  foodie and enjoys the pleasure of cooking which definitely translates to whatever dish they serve. 😉

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Jolly and Rachel then figured they could share these blessings with more people. Through Plana’s Pantry, they hope to serve satisfyingly good food that extends the warmth of their family’s love both for cooking and each other.

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They offer party trays that are perfect for gatherings and special occasions, as well as packed meals for those who dine solo but miss the taste of home-cooked food.

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Experience these simple, honest, generous, and delightful dishes that will warm your hearts from the Plana family to yours! Visit them on Facebook and Instagram (@planaspantry) to order now.

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