Pizza World: Brick Oven, Charcoal Fire Pizza + Beer Pong & Karaoke

Nestled along one of the busy streets of Makati is a quaint pizza restaurant that rival Manila’s big chains. The unsuspecting spot is where you can find Pizza World.

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 06 51 AM

One of the metro’s best kept secrets, and a haven for pizza lovers from all over, the place offers hand stretch pizza made from homemade crusts, charcoal grilled to perfection in a brick oven. Let me just allow that to sink in for a minute – hand stretched, charcoal fire, brick oven pizzas. Each one is made with fresh, select ingredients, and no MSG!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 48 27 AMRanch pizza, Greek pizza, Persian pizza

Pizza World is more that just a pizza parlour. It is the brainchild of  dentist couple Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin and Dr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi, and a labor of love. Dr. Farzaneh loves cooking and when she cooks, she cooks for Dr. Shideh, friends, and family. After a year of having people over and perfecting their pizza recipe, an idea was born: why not share this with the world?

Pizza-world-unspecifiedDr. Farzaneh J. Shamsi and Dr. Shideh L. Nikbin. They are also behind Aramesh Spa which we’ve previously featured HERE.

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 21 37 AMWhere the magic happens: the brick oven

Today, Pizza World offers more than 15 different flavors including specialties from their  ‘World’s Best’ menu (Persian pizza, Absolute Pesto, High on Mushroom, Texas Ranch, Greek Pizza, Six Cheese, and the Special). Pizza World is probably one of the very first places in Manila which serves persian inspired pizza recipes. They also serve pizza staples like Pepperoni, Hawaiian, and 4 Cheese.

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 48 05 AMThe Ranch pizza: garlic, chicken, bacon, parmesan cheese, and mozarella cheese. Tasty!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 51 46 AMGreek pizza – this was my absolute favorite! The spinach balanced off the cheese perfectly!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 49 56 AMThe 4 Cheese pizza in all of it’s cheesy glory! Pizza World does not scrimp on ingredients. This has mozarella, monterey jack, gouda, provolone, parmesan, and cheddar.

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 50 40 AMThe Persian pizza: persian sauce, beef, button mushroom, bell pepper, onion, and mozarella cheese

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 05 46 AMHigh on Mushroom pizza. Also a favorite of mine!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 08 15 AMThe Special: hungarian sausage, assorted ham, bell pepper, mushroom, mozarella, gouda

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 09 32 AMThe Absolute Pesto pizza: chicken, shitake mushroom, mozarella cheese

Pizza World also serves pasta, rice meals, and starters. Their pesto pasta is also a must try!

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 07 29 AMMe: Gimme some of that pizza!

Good food is not the only thing on the menu at Pizza World, they also have beer pong and KTV nights! Dr. Shideh explained that the idea behind the restaurant, aside from serving good food, was for the place to be able to be a spot where friends can meet, relax, and have fun.

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 06 19 AMPizza World KTV nights 5 pm onwards

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 36 00 AMPhotos by Super Whammy Airell for

Pizza-world-2-Photo 11-06-2016, 2 39 44 AMGood food, good games, and good friends!

Pizza-world-Photo 11-06-2016, 1 57 46 AM

When In Manila, Pizza world is must visit, not just for their great brick oven pizzas, but also for a fun chill time with friends!

Pizza World makes my world!

9677 Kamagong Street Cor. Pasong Tamo Street San Antonio Village, Makati
Store Hours: 11 am- 11 pm
Monday to Saturday
Facebook: Pizza World
Instagram: @pizza_world
Twitter: @PizzaWorldPh