Pizza Just for You : Yellow Cab’s Me & My Size

Hey lookie here, When In Manila, and you’re on the lookout for the best pizza you gotta taste what’s new at Yellow Cab!

You know those times when you’re craving for great tasting Pizza but just can’t seem to get your friends into it because they want something else?  I just found the answer in Yellow Cab’s Me & My Size!

It’s great tasting pizza goodness of Yellow Cab made into single servings for breakfast or lunch – great to match your day.

It’s folded pizza so it’s very convenient to bring along for breakfast or lunch on the go. Only it’s very gourmet.  Check these photos out!


We tried the My Size Folded Pepperoni Pizza.  It comes with the freshest greens and tomatoes only from Yellow Cab.  Refreshing? It is!

So you place these veggies on the pizza, pour on the Caesar dressing…

Fold it up, and bite into it!

You get that great mix of flavors in your mouth with the pepperoni & cheese & vegetables in it.

And the goodness doesn’t stop there because this set came with a serving of Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta!  I love Charlie Chan and to have it with this pizza is just about enough to make my day.  All this amazingness for just P260.

If you’re craving for pizza & potato wedges, there’s My Size & Baked Potato Wedges (P260).   Warm, crispy & soft at the same time with a great garlic dip.

                           Ok dip it some more 🙂

This time we had shrimp folded pizza with it.  Same procedure, line up the veggies, pour the dressing…

… and chomp.

The My Size & Soup (P250) comes with your choice of Cream of Squash or Tomato Cream Soup.  Comfort food goodness all the way.  Check out how creamy their soup is!

 Tastes great too, especially when served hot! Hmmm…yummy!  Perfect for the rainy days.

We had this with Grilled Lime Chicken Folded  Pizza.  It’s great for kids too because they actually get into making one of their own like my daughter here.

One good little surprise was Yellow Cab’s My Size Breakfast & Drink (P250).  It came in a folded meal of egg, mango & bacon.  Favorite : egg…check! Favorite : mango…check!  Favorite bacon…check!  Tasted really good that the next time I’m having breakfast, it’s going to be at Yellow Cab. 

Just look at that good gooeyness!

 All up to the last bite!

The Yellow Cab Me & My Size experience was really filling.  It was enough to power my whole day ahead.  I hope you would also try it out with your family & friends to see what I’m talking about.


Now, When In Manila, where are you heading off for lunch again?

Yellow Cab Pizza Co.

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Can’t wait any longer? Have a Me & My Size delivered to you!

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