Pio’s Kitchen: Home of Pio’s Paella

Eating is something you shouldn’t miss WHEN IN MANILA! From fine dining to street foods, Filipino’s are well known to always bring out the best in a dish! Lucky me to have met personally Chef Chin Gallegos, the Executive Chef and Owner of Pio’s Paella. Well she just makes every dish she serves the best! She believes that cooking something you love, and cooking it with love is the most important ingredient any dish could have! And I’m happy to announce that you can finally meet her in person for she has opened a kitchen for her Paellas, Pio’s Kitchen, the home of Pio’s Paella!



Pio’s Kitchen: About the Chef


Chin Gallegos, owner and executive chef of Pio’s Paella, fell in love with cooking at the age of 13. She then took up Hotel and Restaurant Management in college to pursue her passion for cooking, but became a flight stewardess for Qatar Airways after. She traveled around the Middle East and this opportunity made her appreciate more of other country’s cuisines. Travelling to different parts of Europe, Chef Chin fell in love with Spain. There she took up different culinary classes that led her to discover her specialty, the Paella. From then on, Chef Chin started cooking her versions of Paella to family gatherings and special occasions. Inspired by her trips, Chef Chin desires to bring Europe on every home she goes to.


Pios Paella 14

The woman behind Pio’s Paella, Chef Chin Gallegos 


Seeing Chef Chin cook, I can honestly say that I felt her love for what she does. She sees to it that every ingredient added is cooked well and served at its best.  


“If I start with a dish, put love in it, and present it in a way that glorifies it, the least people can expect is something great.”

                                                                       -Chef Chin Gallegos      


Pio’s Kitchen: The PLACE

Named after Padre Pio, Pio’s Kitchen is located at Scout Fernandez, near Timog Ave., Quezon City. I was very privileged to be invited to the blessing of Pio’s Kitchen and duo birthday celebration of Chef Chin’s boyfriend and herself. As expected, Chef Chin cooked all the dishes served during the party. The setting was so intimate that most people, if not relatives, were close friends of Chef Chin. 


Pio’s Kitchen is a house turned into an open kitchen. It means that people are welcome to do their own cooking at the place… All one has to do is to book its availability. I also had the chance to have a conversation with Chef Chin and of course I asked her what her plans are with the place.. A quick and simple answer she told me was that she wants Pio’s Kitchen to be as homey as it can be. Meaning, she wanted the people to feel like they are just in their own homes when they dine at Pio’s Kitchen. The same reason why there were no plating at that time. 


Pios Paella 1



Pio’s Kitchen: The Home of Pio’s Paella

Have you ever heard of or tasted Bagnet Paella? Neither have I… until I met Chef Chin! Yay! I wasn’t really expecting a uniquely made Paella, but yes, expecting the unexpected makes everything more fun! From the regular seafood Paella, Chef Chin was able to make her specialty more mouthwatering! BUT before everything else, let me give you a run through of what were served during the kitchen blessing.


The food were served on a buffet style, arranged on a long table at the center of the kitchen. The appetizers were really appetizing! Thumbs up to you Chef Chin!


Pios Paella 18

Pio’s Kitchen Buffet Style


Pios Paella 4

 Pio’s  Kitchen’s Kesong Puti, Orange Segments and Citrus Orange Dressing


Pios Paella 8

Pio’s Kitchen’s Local Caprese Version, Tomato and Kesong Puti drizzled with Balsamic Vinegar over Crusted Bread 


Pios Paella 9

Pio’s Kitchen’s Salad Al Fresca with Candied Almonds, Kesong Puti, Orange Segments and Citrus Orange Dressing


I love corn. After tasting Chef Chin’s Habana corn, I can’t help but eat again. The combination of the keso with the grilled corn was so perfect. I love every bit of it. Too bad when I came back, all were gone! I’m sure all the other guests were  so much into this dish too!


Pios Paella 12

Pio’s Kitchen’s Habana Corn- Cuban style Grilled Corn on the Cob


The MAIN courses were more enticing! Me and Clarissa were so much excited to grab a plate and taste the dishes Chef Chin served. The prawns were really big, juicy… and freshly cooked! The crabs were also meaty, yummy of course! The steak on the other hand, was tender and succulent. 🙂 perfectly done as well.


Pios Paella 5

Pio’s Kitchen’s Tiger Prawns


Pios Paella 6

 Pio’s Kitchen’s Grilled Tenderloin

Pios Paella 7

Pio’s Kitchen’s Deep Fried King Crabs


 The pasta was well-presented and delicious as well!


Pios Paella 13

 Pio’s Kitchen’s Pasta Marinara with Mussels and Basil


 And of course, the star of the night… the PAELLA! This time, Chef Chin decided to put a little twist by adding bagnet to her specialty. I was curious how it would taste just like all the other guests! Everyone clapped when Chef Chin announced that the Bagnet Paella is served. Oh and it was cooked right in front of everyone.. in a huge paellera! My first time to witness this kind of cooking. I honestly can say that I was amazed that night–with the cooking procedure, the food, and of course the pretty Chef behind all these!


Pios Paella 3

Pio’s Kitchen’s Paella Marisco


Pios Paella 11

Pio’s Kitchen’s Paella Marisco turned Bagnet Paella!


When In Manila, see what love can do? Just a sprinkle of it can bring out the best in anything! So, I really recommend you guys try out Pio’s Paella, now serving at Pio’s Kitchen! For business partners, friends and most especially family and loved ones… Get a taste of the finest PAELLA and other delectable dishes in town served with LOVE.



Pios Paella 17

Chef Chin Gallegos and the rest of her family 🙂



Booking and making reservation is as easy as can be. 

You can have Chef Chin to come and prepare the meals for you. For more info: click here

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Pios Paella 10

Chef Chin serving with LOVE


Pio’s Kitchen: Home of Pio’s Paella