Pinoys Share Their Most Shameless Tipid Hacks While Waiting For Pay Day

We’ve all been there: the moment you receive your much-awaited salary it’s pretty much like Christmas, but like the rest of the working-class population, on most days it feels like we’re fighting for scraps just to get by.

We asked When In Manila readers on their smartest, most practical, or downright most shameless survival tips they swear by when petsa de peligro is around the corner. Which one of these have you done?

The collector

I try to remember if people owe me anything, but end up with nothing coz I don’t have money to lend in the first place. – Julian

Change is coming

Almost every day, I dump all my coins– particularly ₱5s and ₱10s– in a box on my bookshelf. In the days leading up to sweldo, that change is literally how I survive. – Emerald

We’re all in this together

Ambagan tapos bili ng bulk. Pag super wala na talaga, diretso sa pantry — we have free soup with noodles like lomi. – Katya

Empty your pockets!

Lahat ng bulsa ng pants and bags ko suddenly get a quick check. A 50-peso bill can be gold on some days. – Ea

Yesterday’s bread crust is tomorrow’s garlic bread sticks

Harina Artisan Bakery

One time, the office had free pizza for the employees. I was able to get three slices. I ate them all except for the crusts, so I decided to keep the crusts so I could reheat them for next day’s lunch. – Eunick

The classic money saver

Not eating at any fastfood/restaurants. No taxi, uber, grab. Walk as much as possible. Baon. – Harvey

Home cooking is still the best!

I prepare my own food! Para no need to eat out. – Nikki

Sugar baby

Kumapit sa girlfriend ???  – Angelo

This is why we love our titas

Ask my titas to cook for me so I have baon. No uber muna. And I have to ignore all my cravings, haha! – Mimai

Gutom? Itulog mo na lang ‘yan!

Tulog na lang pag lunchbreak! – Vince

Fried rice! Ihalo nalang ang tira tira from the previous meal sa kanin at ifry. Plus, I walk nalang instead of using public transpo. – Matt

Open-minded ka ba?

Magkunwaring interesado sa iddiscuss ng nagnnetworking para sa libreng coffee at donut. Haha! – Desa

College blues

I pretend to be back in college. In short, noodles! Chicken, beef, pancit canton, etc., divide a meal into two servings, and coffee only in the office, because it’s free. Hitch rides with fellow Southies so the fare I have to pay is cheaper, since the distance is shorter. – Eillen

Collect your rewards now!

I finally use up all of the accumulated stars in my Starbucks card. #firstworldproblems – Anj

A little sacrifice goes a long way

Iwas bisyo: Masakit din sa bulsa pag wala na pera tapos paglalaanan mo pa bisyo mo. – Christian

Off-menu order

Bacolod Food Coffee Kuppa

One thing I shamelessly did, nagbaon ako ng sariling kape sa Starbucks. Buti na lang reusable Starbucks cup yung baon kong tumbler!!! HAHA NESCAFE IS LYF. – Keisha

Probinsyano hacks

Uwi ng province to scavenge for goods inside the ref then balik ng manila. Be sure to consume the goods while waiting for pay day! Hahahaha!! – DC 

What are your craziest tipid hacks while waiting for sweldo? Join the conversation at WIM Squad!


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