Pinoys Optimistic For 2016: 7 Ways To Make Next Year Even More Awesome

In a month, 2015 will have come to a close, and we would be ushering in the new year: full of excitement, surprises, and hope for the future.

For some, 2015 might have had more rain than shine, while for others, this year couldn’t have been better than the last. Regardless of what 2015 meant for everyone, there seems to be a consensus: everyone thinks 2016 is definitely going to be better.

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That is according to the SWS survey conducted from November 26 to 28, where 46 percent of Filipinos said that they expected their quality of life to get better in the next 12 months.

Our optimism as Filipinos is definitely admirable, as we have constantly rated high in positivity when it comes to looking forward to the New Year, despite whatever life may throw at us at the moment. We are always hoping for the best, never staying negative for what is yet to come. And perhaps, because the presidential elections are happening next year, we’re waiting with even more bated breath on where the future of our country lies in the hands of our leaders.

But while that has still to happen, there are things that you can do for yourself as 2016 rolls around, to ensure that your new year starts out — and ends– even more awesome than the last.

Pinoys Optimistic For 2016: 7 Ways To Make Next Year Even More Awesome


7. Say hello to your neighbor.

This can literally be the person you live next door to, the stranger you happen to stand to next to on the bus stop, or even that seatmate you’ve barely said five words to in class. Saying hello to someone you hardly know strengthens the feeling of community — and lessens, if not removes, the feeling of being alone. And who doesn’t like having new friends? It also helps you become more empathetic towards them, who may just help you in return.



6. Try to learn something new every day.

Striving to learn something new every day, no matter how big or small, already makes you feel that you are living life fuller, rather than just going about your day-to-day activities before noticing that half a year has already gone by without any significant event happening. Whether it’s a meaning of a new word, a new way to do things, or even a new route to get to an area you frequent, learning something new every day renews that feeling of excitement and wonder, just like a child who gets fascinated at the littlest of thins. By learning new things, you become more open to exciting opportunities, and move on to learning even bigger things like a new language, or a new skill.

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5. Find new inspiration.

Renew your vigor for life and find new inspiration — even in the littlest things. The saying “stop and smell the roses” has its merit; we get so wrapped up in our daily grind that we take the everyday and mundane for granted. Instead of just walking on the same old sidewalk like you always have for the past year, take notice at how the sun casts a shadow on the city buildings, or how the array of trees lined up and their leaves look picturesque. By just looking at things from a different angle, it can completely change your perspective.


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4. Save up for something worthwhile.

Oftentimes we like to break the bank and splurge our hard-earned savings on something we think we deserve, like a new pair of shoes or a fancy dinner. Though there isn’t anything wrong in pampering yourself from time to time, resources can only be so finite. Ask yourself: do I really need this now? Also, more than just instant gratification, set a long-term goal for something that you feel can help you reap the rewards long-term. For some, this may be their dream trip abroad. For others, this means investing your money in something more secure and self-generating.


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3. Explore your boundaries.

The worst thing you can tell yourself is, “I’m not good enough for this”. Take the new year as an opportunity to embark on an adventure to self-discovery, to push limits you haven’t quite pushed before. Taking on a job you feel you might fail at? There’s a reason it’s being handed to you, and it’s not because you’re mediocre. Want to learn a new skill but you’re afraid you might not succeed? Go ahead. Whoever had fun doing the same old things?


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2. Find something to appreciate about your partner.

You’re not always going to be “in love” with your partner every day. There will be times that their quirks and habits will annoy you, you will bicker about the shallowest of concerns, and whatever comes out of their mouth will drive you up the wall. Unless you do learn something from your arguments, a day spent fighting is a day wasted. Make each other feel loved and appreciated for the simple things that they do, and that will go a long way.


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1. Don’t be afraid of saying goodbye.

 And just as we welcome a new year, don’t be afraid of saying goodbye to the things that should truly be left in the past. The painful memories, toxic relationships, all the hurt and disappointment will only hold you back from living life to the fullest, and making way for better moments. Don’t be scared to say goodbye, and relish that sweet hello for new beginnings.

What are your goals for 2016? Share them with us!


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