Pinoys Are The Happiest Workers In Asia, According To Survey!

If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands!

Filipinos are said to be the happiest workers in Asia, according to a survey released by Jobstreet!

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The survey, “Happiness Index Report 2016”, surveyed seven countries: Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Vietnam!

The Philippines ranked highest with an average of 6.25 on a 10-point scheme, followed by Indonesia with 6.16, and Thailand with 5.74. Singapore was the lowest at 5.09 out of 10.

Filipinos also landed on the top of the Happiness Index, where 73 out of 100 workers said that they were happy with their jobs.

According to Jobstreet, the reasons that make Filipinos happy with their jobs are as follows: relationship with colleagues, convenient work location, and company reputation.

Are you happy with your job? Do you believe in this survey?