Pinoy University Students Launch NFTs to Raise Awareness for Critically Endangered Animals

Six undergraduate students from various universities in Metro Manila have come together to start a Non-fungible token (NFT) project titled, “The Last on Earth Collective”, aiming to raise awareness on Critically Endangered Animals.

The 6 college students from Ateneo de Manila University, University of the Philippines, and De La Salle University wish to be able to build a community and a project that would revolutionize the way NFTs are utilized. The animals featured in the first collection are the Philippine Eagle, Sunda Tiger, African Wild Dog, Cross River Gorilla, and the Sumatran Elephant. Currently, the main beneficiary of the Last on Earth Collective is the Philippine Eagle Foundation, in which a portion of the proceeds for each NFT sold will go directly towards the conversation and protection of the Philippine Eagle.

nft endangered animals philippines

Prior to the creation of the Last on Earth Collective, the founders have only shown interest in NFT’s and Cryptocurrency just recently. However, due to the pandemic, the team was looking for ways to be able to generate income to support their passion for protecting endangered animals. The founders found NFT’s as a great way to be able to meet new people, invest money, earn passively, and make positive contributions and change to the world.

Delving into NFT’s and cryptocurrency, technology has never been the same ever since decentralized currency came into play in 2009, namely, Bitcoin. In the Philippines, NFT’s have been dominating the industry. Its popularity can be attributed to the likes of Axie Infinity, Pegaxy, and other play-to-earn NFT games, which give everyday Filipinos the chance to earn a steady income. Contrary to what most people think, an NFT is more than just an image or JPG that you can easily replicate or copy. Purchasing an NFT can be compared to an actual physical painting wherein if you hold it, it has value. There are also more benefits when owning certain NFTs called “Utilities”. As for the case of the Last on Earth Collection, NFT holders have a chance to earn passively. This is made possible by returning 100% of royalties divided to each NFT holder every month. Another utility present in the project is the establishment of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) Treasury of 250 Solana (estimated to be about 27,000USD) which will be at the complete use, management, and disposal of the NFT holders in which they can vote to either reinvest, divide among themselves, or whatever they vote to do with the treasury.

The team began planning, working, and developing the Last on Earth Collective last November 2021. The Last on Earth Collective will be launching this February 14, 2022, available to purchase for the price of 0.53SOL (SOLANA). For more information about the Last on Earth Collective, visit www.lastonearthcollective.com or follow them on Twitter at @LastOnEarthNFT. You may also join their Discord where most of the fun and socializing happens!

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