‘Pinoy Sakuragi’ Might Also Be ‘Pinoy Mumen Rider’

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Marc Pingris aka ‘Pinoy Sakuragi’ may also be the Pinoy-version of Mumen rider because he rides his bike to his basketball practice. For the uninitiated, Mumen rider is a bicyclist Class-C superhero on the anime “One Punch Man.”


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According to spin.ph, Pinoy Sakuragi rides his manual bicycle from his house in Valle Verde, Pasig City to his Star Hotshots practice at the Ronac gym in San Juan.

He noted though that he doesn’t do this all the time but it has been his hobby for quite some time now.

Moreover, aside from being a hobby, he feels riding his bicycle is some form of cross training.

On his free days, he mentioned that he joins his friends riding bikes to travel around the metro. He has taken his bike up in Antipolo, and recently, in Bulacan.

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Of course, his coach, Tim Cone, is protective of him and is concerned of possible accidents that might happen to him riding his bicycle. On the other hand, his wife, Danica, is supportive of his hobby but doesn’t want him to ride a motorcycle though. She feels riding the motorcycle is “delikado.”

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Pinoy Sakuragi keeps his identity anonymous when riding the bike on the street. He covers his face to a point that only his eyes can be seen. Still, there are instances when people recognize him. According to him, his height is a dead giveaway.

If Pinoy Sakuragi starts saving people and apprehending bad guys while on his bike, he definitely is the legit Pinoy Mumen Rider too.

Have you seen Pinoy Sakuragi riding his bike on the streets of the metro?