Pinoy Popemobile Is a Custom-Built Jeepney

Pinoy Popemobile Is a Custom-Built Jeepney



In just a few days, Pope Francis will grace the country with his presence. Preparations for his arrival are continuously being held to ensure his safety, convenience, and comfort. One of the common activities done during a pope’s visit is to tour him around the metro with devotees flocked along his path, trying to get a glimpse of the Santo Papa.

On his visit to the Philippines, Pope Francis will ride a custom-made “popemobile” that borrows its look from the mighty king of the Philippine roads, the Pinoy jeepney. The popemobile is the term used that means the car that the head of the Catholic church will ride on, usually when he goes around the city or when he visits foreign countries.

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This car that Pope Francis will used is known to be the first custom-designed jeepney turned into a popemobile. Thus, when Pope Francis rides this jeepney-inspired car, it will go down in history as the first pope mobile whose roots came from the US military vehicle left in the Philippines and was transformed into a means of public transportation in the country.

This popemobile is made with a brand-new jeepney chassis where a platform was installed for Pope Francis to stand on. Still, it will exude the appearance of the Pinoy jeepney with a long bumper  with a bull bar in front, stainless steel body, and checkered metal step at the back.

The papal coat of arms and the emblem of the Society of Jesus will be installed on the hood, roof, and on the sides. A glass cross painstakingly sculpted by Ramon Orlina will also be placed on the popemobile.

Pope Francis is known for steering clear from using luxury cars and he reminds the priests to think of the needy whenever they plan on riding extravagant vehicles. Since he was a cardinal, and even now that he is pope, he continues to ride the public transportation.

Reportedly, a Swiss guard who is part of the pope’s entourage, will be driving around the jeepney-inspired popemobile.




Pinoy Popemobile Is a Custom-Built Jeepney