Pinoy-Made Horror Visual Novel ‘The Letter’ Earns ‘Very Positive’ Steam Ratings

Looking for something new to check out on Steam?

The Letter, a Pinoy-made horror visual novel, was just launched on Steam and looks promising. With more than 130 reviews, it earned a “very positive” rating.

The synopsis of The Letter:

When seven people fall prey to a vicious curse, they will discover that horror rests not from the shadows lurking about, but within themselves. To what ends will one go in order to survive?

Here’s a quick sneak peek on The Letter.

Take a look at its opening trailer.

Still not convinced? Here’s more about The Letter.

The setting of The Letter takes place in England. The story is inspired by classic Asian horror films such as The Ring and Ju-On: The Grudge. It revolves around seven characters and one is a Filipina.

As the player, you get to be one of the characters. Your aim is to survive as you develop relationships with other characters and go through various obstacles.

It is created by Philippine game developer Yangyang Mobile.

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