Pinoy Group Y.O.U Made it to Top 4 in S.Korea’s K-POP Cover Dance Festival

K-POP Cover Dance Festival 2017 wraps up with over 600,000 video views on Twitter & Periscope.

Twitter is the best place for K-Pop fans to see what’s happening and what the world is talking about. The K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 2017 (@KPOPCoverDance) that concluded over the weekend generated more than 600,000 video views on Twitter and Periscope. The week-long competition garnered over 122,486 interactions on Twitter between May 26 to June 3 across the 10 finalist teams from Hong Kong, Indonesia, Philippines, Mexico, Russia, Japan, United States, Vietnam, and of course, South Korea.

Russian cover dance group X.EAST (@xeast_dance) was crowned winner of the coveted Twitter Popular Choice Award at the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival 2017 (@KPOPCoverDance). The cover dance group successfully rallied fans to garner over 42,000 interactions on Twitter which included Retweets, Replies, Likes, Mentions and video views to emerge as the winning team. Mr. Chang-Seob Shin, Country Head of Twitter Korea, presented the Twitter Popular Choice Award to @xeast_dance.

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As part of the K-Pop Cover Dance Festival experience, over 250,900 fans worldwide caught the competition’s semi-finals live on Twitter and Periscope. The semi-final live broadcast received more than 257,000 Hearts and also saw K-Pop band K.A.R.D. (@K.A.R.D.) as judges for the competition who delivered a special performance.

The top four teams from Philippines, Russia, US, and South Korea went on to the competition’s finals on June 3 – which gathered 261,000 views and more than 327,000 Hearts on Periscope and Twitter – appearing as the opening act for Dream Concert 2017.

Here are some highlights from the KPOP Cover Dance Festival finalist teams and their fans on Twitter:

Russia: X.east

Philippines: Y.O.U

Mexico: CLUE

Japan: Navi

Vietnam: Super Nova

USA: The First Bite

Hong Kong: Friends Junction Boys

Korea (Host Country): OVERFATE

Indonesia: A.C.E.S

Korea (Host Country): Vely

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