Pinoy Fisherman Who Was at Sea for 58 Days Now Back in the Country


A Pinoy fisherman who has been at sea for 58 days and was thought to be dead already has flown back to the country.

21-year old Rolando Omongos told his unbelievable story of how he survived being at sea for about two months. Unfortunately, his 31-year old uncle, Reniel Omongos, did not make it.

He said he was able to survive with rainwater and the moss growing at the hull of his long boat.

To avoid suffering from the extreme heat of the sun, he frequently swam in the sea.

Initially, he lashed the body of his uncle from another boat on his boat for a few days but he, later on, let it sink when it started to smell.

He recounted that at least four vessels would pass them each day but no one would stop.

Apparently, their boat is too small to get noticed.

Rolando and his uncle set off on December 21 with other fishermen aboard a purse seiner from General Santos, a southern Philippine port facing the Celebes Sea.

Due to a storm, the two got separated from their mother boat on January 10. After five days, they ran out of fuel.

He drifted all the way to Papua New Guinea.

He was rescued by a Japanese fishing vessel Wakaba Maru.

Now he’s back, he vowed to never set foot on a boat again. He said he might go back to school since he quit sixth grade previously.

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