Pinoy engineers create COVID-19 disinfection chambers

The GoCLEAN disinfection chamber is created by USHER Technologies Inc., a DOST-PCIEERD and Mapua University spin-off company.

This mobile disinfection chamber sanitizes the body of a person entering the enclosure. Proper protocols are designed to ensure the protection of sensitive areas such as the eyes, nose, and mouth from possible irritation brought about by the disinfectant mist.

It can be installed at the entrance of hospitals and other establishments, and it provides sanitation through misting of electrolyzed saline solution or Anolyte that takes up only to 5 to 10 seconds per person. Anolyte is a lethal disinfectant for bacterias and viruses but very safe to people and the environment. It has been well known to scientists since the early 1900s and is produced through a process of electrolysis using only a brine solution and tap water. The key component produced is hypochlorous acid (HOCl) which occurs naturally in the human body; white blood cells actually produce minute quantities of HOCl when fighting off infections.

The unit comes in a single and dual-chamber—the wet chamber for disinfectant fog and misting, may include a thermal scanner, automatic alcohol dispenser, rack for disinfecting materials and further development will include breathing pattern determination, and coughing detection system. The biggest advantage of GoClean will be its HOCLOMAC system that will allow the chamber to produce its own disinfection solution. This will be the 1st and one of a kind in the world.

USHER Technologies has already deployed a total of eleven (11) GO-CLEAN units at the following locations: i) four (4) units in Quezon City, ii) one (1) in Camp Crame, iii) one (1) at the Development Bank of the Philippines (Makati), iv) one (1) at the Lung Center of the Philippines v) one (1) Camp Aguinaldo, vi) two (2) in Santiago City and vii) one (1) at DOST Science Heritage Building.

The group targets to produce at least 4 to 5 units per week. For more information, please visit their official Facebook page: @ushertechnologies, website: and/or email at

To know more about it, watch the video below.

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