Pinoy Animal Rights Activists Organize Banner Drop to Call for Animal Liberation

To commemorate International Animal Rights Day this year, independent animal rights activists dropped off banners that read “End Speciesism | Go Vegan” and “Animal Liberation” at the Philcoa Footbridge, Quezon City on Thursday afternoon, December 10, to raise awareness about the exploitation and oppression of nonhuman animals that are used for food, clothing, entertainment, and research.

International Animal Rights Day 2020 1

“We took this action because we believe that nonhuman animals should not be used for any purpose, that they have the right to life and freedom,” said Animal Rights Activist Jofer Santos to When In Manila. “[Last week’s] action would serve as a call to end speciesism – the belief that humans are superior to nonhuman animals; and to remind our society that morally, nonhuman animals deserve the same compassion, respect, and justice, that we extend to our fellow humans.”

International Animal Rights Day 2020 2

“The fight for animal liberation, the fight for earth liberation, the fight for human liberation, all of these struggles, they are all intertwined,” he added.

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