Pinoy 8-Year-Old DJ Is Featured In The Huffington Post

This kid is now officially cooler than you.

While some of you were probably busy watching Saturday morning cartoons or getting hooked on the latest video games then, this kid Alonzo rolls a little differently… he’s a DJ!

 Alonzo DJ 8-year-old kid

At least, for his parents’ wedding last February 21, where he got up on the booth and served up some beats as the crowd cheered on! The kid was apparently awesome enough to be featured in the Huffington Post!

This was after Alonzo’s cousin posted a photo of him up on the DJ booth on Reddit, which got more than 2 million views.

Alonzo HuffPost screenshot

According to HuffPost, Alonzo’s dad made a special announcement during the reception that a special guest DJ — “DJ Zo” — would be playing at the after-party. Lo and behold when it was the 8-year-old that went up the stage, bringing a lot of swag with him with a confetti blizzard entrance! The post also says that his set only lasted for two songs –“Party Rock Anthem” and “Everything Is Awesome” from the LEGO Movie– but the crowd went wild for this kiddie DJ.

Alonzo’s dad, a concert promoter, helped his 8-year-old make the DJ gig totally legit after they got a friend to teach him the basic controls. The proud parents also say that DJ Zo’s set made their wedding even more special.

That’s it…. this kid wins at life!!!

What do you think of this 8-year-old DJ?? What were YOU doing at 8 years old?