Pinkaholic: Fashion Statements You Don’t Wanna Miss

WHEN IN MANILA, one lesson that I learned is that fashion come and go but as the lovely Coco Chanel said, “Style is eternal.” When I first assisted for a fashion shoot for Candy magazine, I was in awe with the lovely pieces I was surrounded with. I told myself if only I could be surrounded with as much lovely things forever, I would die a happy girl.


Pinkaholic is one of the brands that I worked with when I assisted for a fashion shoot for Candy.  I fell in love with the tops, skirts, and most especially the cherry short that the Assistant Fashion & Beauty editor picked out. Since then, I’ve always been a die-hard fan of Pinkaholic. Here are some of my picks from Pinkaholic.





I’m super in love with this dress! It’s so simple yet so girly and classy. I can totally picture myself wearing this for a lunch out with mom or to a more formal event with the tallest heels in my shoe closet of course! I’m pretty sure even Taylor Swift would kill for this dress.




Is there any piece from Pinkaholic that doesn’t spell perfection? I think not. This metallic scallop skirt is too adorable just to pass on! Now all I could wish for is to get finals done and over with so I can party with my friends in this super cute and chic skirt.





Ever since I saw Leighton Meester attend the opening of Chloe’s Los Angeles boutique in her cute apricot Chloe top and skirt, I was in love. So I was on my toes when I saw this Pinakholic romper. It is quite similar with the one Leighton wore back in 2009 with the cut outs and all. And we all know, anything Leighton owns, Janelle must too.


So what are you all waiting for? Check out Pinkaholic for fashion statements you don’t wanna miss WHEN IN MANILA.







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Pinkaholic: Fashion Statements You Don’t Wanna Miss