Pink Ribbon Day for Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and SM Cares, in partnership with the Philippine Breast Cancer Society celebrated the Pink Ribbon Day.

Pink Ribbon Day aims to spread awareness on Breast Cancer and help women by providing information and programs that encourage early detection and intervention.

Held at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall, the Pink Ribbon Day offered free Clinical Breast Exam and had a program with experts and Cancer survivors shared their inspiring stories.

Elena Horn, Vice President of SM Prime’s Corporate Affairs and a breast cancer survivor herself.

Philippine Breast Cancer Society President Dr. Christina Galvez was at the event along with their volunteers who helped in the free Clinical Breast Exam for the attendees.

The event was hosted by Ms. Kris Aquino where she participated in the discussion of how to detect Breast Cancer in the early stages. She shared that she herself has regular check-ups given the family health history.

Ms. Jaymee Joaquin joined Kris on stage and told the story of her ‘winning’. She says she wants to call it winning instead of struggle or fighting to give it a more positive light. She detected it early on and she was able to take care of herself and win.

She was then joined by Direk Bibeth Orteza who is also a Cancer Survivor. She shares how she was diagnosed Stage3C and yet she is a living testament that you can win over Breast Cancer.

Jaymee and Bibeth’s stories are just two of the many survivors of Breast Cancer. One takeaway from the event is that Breast Cancer can be won especially if it’s detected early.

SM Cares

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