Pink Panda Manila: The Best of South East Asian Cuisine and Street Food in One Place

Pink Panda Manila: The Best of South East Asian Cuisine


When in Manila, one of the best things to do is eat. There is an abundance of great dining places all over the metro that you will never run out of places to try. From delicious Mediterranean Cuisine to healthy diners and Pinoy meals, Manila is definitely perfect for those who are looking for a gastronomical adventure.

This year, however, another restaurant owned by Erwan Heussaff has recently opened to cater to your street food cravings. (Check out our article on his restaurant, Hatch 22, here.Pink Panda Manila gives you a taste of Southeast Asian cuisine with delectable flavours and dishes that focus on Southeast Asian street food. They do not aim for authenticity with each dish, but instead play and experiment with them to give their customers a unique and satisfying dining experience overall.

Pink Panda Manila’s menu is a mishmash of different types of Asian cuisine, with influences from Thailand, China, and other neighboring countries. Pink Panda Manila offers a full dining experience for everyone — with a wide selection of greens, appetizers, main courses, and desserts. They also have an array of cocktails, perfect for those who would simply like to enjoy a fun night out with friends.


South East Asian Cuisine at Pink Panda Manila


Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

VC Spring Rolls

I am no fan of Spring Rolls, but I could definitely say that theirs hit the right spot. I especially loved the fresh spring rolls with the peanut sauce – a perfect combination since the sauce has the consistency of syrup and the peanuts on top complement the flavor of the spring rolls. Yum!

Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Vietnamese Coffee Steak

Coffee and steak? What does that taste like? The answer? Heavenly. I am a huge fan of coffee and an even bigger fan of steak, so I instantly fell in love with this dish. The coffee provides a bittersweet taste that isn’t too strong, and the meat was tendered really well. It almost tastes like it’s marinated in barbecue sauce, but with a bite of sweetness.

Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Puncak Chicken Sate

Chicken Sate is chargrilled skewers which, for my taste, resembles our very own Isaw. You can dip it in a roasted peanut sauce, which goes together with the hint of bitterness of the chicken. It also has fried shallots and pickled vegetables in it for additional color and flavor.

Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Xiao Lang Boom

Xiao Lang Boom is Pink Panda Manila’s take on Xiao Long Bow. Xiao Lang Boom is a bigger version of the infamous soup dumpling from China. You can eat it as is, or drink the soup with a straw. Talk about eating like you’re on the street!

Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Panda Buns

Panda Buns are steamed pork buns with mushroom, salted eggs, and sriracha hoisin. The flavor of the buns are so good that you do not need anymore sauce to spice up the taste. The only problem is that the presentation is a little too cute to grab a bite. Who couldn’t feel soft and gooey inside with those panda eyes staring at you?

 Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Panda’s Balls

No good dinner ends without dessert, right? At Pink Panda Manila, they offer a new kind of Buchi for all the buchi lovers out there. Panda’s Balls isn’t just a unique name, it is unique in every sense of the word. The balls all offer different flavours! They have peanut butter and jelly, dark chocolate, and the usual black bean filling. The twist? You can never tell which ball is which since they just place them randomly in a cup. Definitely makes the experience all the more exciting, in my opinion!

Pink Panda Manila Asian Cuisine

Sloth Fizz, Slanted Sour, Fangs & Bangs, Old Styling

Cap off your dinner with some of their yummy signature cocktails. If you’re feeling like you want something strong, you can try their Sloth Fizz, which, is the strongest drink in the group. Although it’s gin-based, the Fernet Branca, Orgeat, egg white, and Yuzu combination resembles a ginger-y taste that is a little strong. Their Slanted Sour, on the other hand, looks like a girly drink and kinda resembles a sour candy, but is actually Whisky-based. In other words, it could get you tipsy at the end of the day.

My personal favorite was Fangs and Bangs, though, which was served in a quaint little teapot and cup. It tastes good and is really refreshing to drink. Old Styling, even if it was meant to be enjoyed by men, is delicious, as well. It is really smooth and tastes like something that you could keep ordering all night.

So, if you are looking for a fun, Southeast Asian cuisine kind of night, head to Pink Panda Manila! They will definitely tickle your taste buds!


Photos by Angeline Rodriguez.





Ground Floor, Y2 Residence Hotel, 4687 Santiago St. Cor. B. Valdez St., Poblacion, Makati City

Contact #: (+63) 906 205 3898, (02) 224 3000

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Pink Panda Manila: The Best of South East Asian Cuisine and Street Food in One Place