Ping Lacson to Run for President in 2016?


The Philippine Presidential Elections is just a little over a year from now. Scheduled on May 9, 2016, current political figures are already expressing their intentions to run on the upcoming elections. For one, former senator and typhoon Yolanda czar Panfilo “Ping” Lacson confirmed his plans to run for President next year, Tempo.com reports.

It seems that since he gained the support of retired military and police officers to help him with his efforts, Lacson said that there is a possibility that he will run for presidency in 2016.

From the post, Lacson said:

If we’re talking of intentions, I can tell you, I have intentions (to run for president.

Still, he emphasized that his decision is not final yet. There are many elements to consider such as public preference. He mentioned that from national surveys, he ranks high in the senatorial category but is unpopular when it comes to presidential survey.

He added:

So I was thinking, maybe we need to come up with ways to reach the consciousness of our fellowmen and convince them that we are a viable candidate too.

If this pushes through, this is not the first time Lacson will vie for the presidential position. In 2004, he ranked third behind then President and now Pampanga Rep. Gloria M. Arroyo and then the late Fernando Poe Jr.

What are your thoughts on this?

With the Philippine Presidential Elections fast approaching, who do you want to run for President next year?