“Pinays” Among the Top Viewers of Adult Videos

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A recent survey published by an adult video-sharing website showed that Filipino women are among the top viewers of adult videos. Filipino women hold the top spot alongside Brazil with both having a whopping 35% in viewership.

“The Philippines and Brazil remain on top, both boasting an impressive 35% proportion of female viewers, with some impressive gains noted in India, up to 30% from 26% back in September.”

Moreover, according to the post on Pornhub, among the women in the whole world, Pinays spend the longest time on the website with a huge average of 13.5 minutes.

“Treat yourselves, ladies! Babes in the Philippines make their sessions last a luxurious 13 and a half minutes…”

Additionally, they noted that younger female viewers can be found in “Asian and African countries like India, Egypt and the Philippines.”

The survey also showed the top keywords searched on the website by women viewers. The three most searched terms are “lesbian”, “threesome”, and “squirt”. Overall, the term “lesbian” has the most searches with variety such as lesbian seduces also topping the charts.

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