Pinay Nanny Who Was “Virtual Slave” Wins $55,000 in Canada Case

justice nanny wins virtual slave case

A Filipina caregiver was awarded more than $55,000 in Canadian dollars, or roughly P1.96 million, by British Columbia’s Human Rights Tribunal for Virtual Slavery, after being treated as a “virtual slave” by her employers.

The Filipino nanny, known only as PN in the documents, is a mother of two and was hired by a Hong Kong couple who moved to Canada, in order to take care of their children.

According to the tribunal decision, the Hong Kong couple brought the Pinay nanny with them to Canada in July 2013, where the husband sexually assaulted her and the wife humiliated and abused her, as they stayed in a hotel suite while the couple were looking for a house.

According to a report by Balitang America, PN was only 28 years old at the time, and was forced to work more than 17 hours a month while only being paid $600 Canadian dollars monthly.

Balitang America also said that the Pinay nanny was able to escape from her employers, when she took out the trash and used it as an excuse to run away.

According to the report, the ruling is one of the largest awards in the Canadian tribunal’s history.

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