Pinay Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For

It’s the new generation of entrepreneurs and it’s only getting better and better as more women stand tall and follow their dreams. This 2019, these are the entrepreneurs to watch out for.

Pinay Entrepreneurs to Watch Out For

Aya Fernandez

Photo from Project Lily PH

One of the youngest entrepreneurs we’ve encountered, Aya Fernandez is changing the world with Project Lily PH. She is the founder and president of this company that produces eco-friendly products to give livelihood to persons with disabilities. As soon as she graduated from high school, she started the business and produced bags made out of water lilies. The company then produced eco-uling, an eco-friendly alternative to wood charcoal.

Mary Grace Arboleda-Young

Photo on the left from | Photo on right from Cordillera Coffee

Awarded as 2018’s Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs in Go Negosyo’s Filipina Entrepreneurship Summit, Mary Grace Arboleda-Young was honored for her contribution to the community by leading Cordillera Coffee. She was honored for being compassionate for her farmers who cared for their homegrown crops that every coffee-drinking individual will love.

Being a native of Kalinga, she knows that the quality of coffee that grows in the province is up to par with the coffee imported from other countries. She initially opened a coffee shop to promote their products and heritage, but then ventured into ‘Coffee for a cause’ and ‘Coffee Aid’ which both help coffee farmers learn better market practices and get fair trade prices for their products. Through their efforts, the success isn’t just for one person, but for the whole community.

Jeannie Javelosa

Photos from Jeannie Javelosa’s Facebook
Jeannie Javelosa is one of the founders of ECHOstore Sustainable Lifestyle. The company keeps making a name for itself as more and more people become environmentally conscious. ECHO stands for Environment, helps the Community, promotes Health and works with Organizations. She is also the face of Great Women, where “Great” stands for “Gender-Responsive Economic Action for the Transformation” of women. Both companies support different communities and products that are socially and economically responsible.

Mae Braceros-Alcantara

Photo from Mae Braceros-Alcantara’s Facebook and Crystal Sea’s Facebook Page

If you love accessories, Crystal Seas Handwoven and Handcrafted Products is probably a familiar name to you. This Davao-based business believes in creating products that show Filipino craftsmanship and artistry. The business is run by Mae and her daughter Carmaela who graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in Clothing Technology. Each product they make is hand-woven, which is one of the oldest traditions of Mindanao. The different colors and patterns are a representation of the colorful culture of different tribes.

Angela See

Photo from Angela See and Soak Swimwear’s Facebook Page

A prominent name in the swimwear industry, Angela See is the owner of  Soak Swimwear. The brand is known for its high-quality swimsuits and resort wear that every Filipina will love. From different business ventures, Angela shared that Soak was a venture that happened at the right time as if all the stars had aligned. The designs of the swimwear that they sell are made to suit different skin colors and fit different body shapes. Each swimwear is made with love and to make each person feel great about themselves.

Olive Puentespina

Photo from

Wine and cheese – the magic combination that everyone loves. Olivia Puentespina of Malagos is making dreams come true right from her kitchen. Olive started making cheese in 2004 and her name became synonymous to local cheese making since then. She says that the cheeses she makes are special because they are created with milk that from their own herd and they harvest it themselves. Olive is very proud to say that their products are fresh and produces less carbon footprint than imported cheeses.

Dr. Shahideh Nikbin

Photo from and Dr. Shideh’s Instagram

With multiple businesses, Dr. Shideh is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is very passionate about leadership and being able to show the quality of work in whatever it is that she does. She runs Fashion Smile Dental Clinic, Aramesh Spa, Aramesh Aesthetics, and Pizza World. Aside from that, she also has a vlog where she shows a different side of her.

Janine Mikaella Chiong

As the President and CEO of Habi Footwear, Janine (or Nin to her friends) is very passionate about social entrepreneurship. She started Habi when she discovered the twists and turns of social enterprises through her college thesis. Their expansion for the business also meant the success of their weavers.

Karla Zulueta

Photo from Karla Zulueta and Aperitif’s Instagram

Karla is a familiar name to business as one of the names behind the successful food brand Aperitif, Sundowners Vacation Villas, and Raffi’s Way. What started out as graze boxes grew to become a catering business and a store in SM Aura. Aside from the quick expansion of Aperitif, Sundowners Vacation Villas recently finished the construction of their second location in Zambales following the success of their Bolinao business.

Vern and Verniece Enciso

Photos from Vern and Verniece’s  and VV&Co Instagram

Fashion and lifestyle bloggers Vern and Verniece Enciso are not just style stars, but also budding entrepreneurs. For almost 10 years now, the sisters have been writing about their style and adventures and it’s only fitting for them to finally launch a brand that carries their names. They said that they wanted to create a scent that would serve as a little love letter to every patron.

Maricor Bunal

Photos from

With the culture of “utang” in the Philippines, Maricor found an opportunity to help Filipinos be more careful with money. aims to educate people to be wiser when it comes to borrowing money. The website involves a network of lenders and borrowers who can apply for loans in just two minutes. They developed the company in hopes of making fair and open marketplace transparency. They also want to educate everyone on making wise decisions to improve their overall financial wellness.

Olivia Repotente

Photo from

The brains behind the most memorable brands, Olivia Repotente owns Studio O – a full-servicing creative agency that makes branding, graphic design, and art direction for different brands in the Philippines and abroad. She’s the mind behind the brand identity design of The Palace, 71 Gramercy, and Krazy Garlik, just to name a few. They also hold ‘Potluck Sessions’ where Key Opinion Leaders sit down and tell their stories of success to inspire those who want to follow in their footsteps.

Anna Meloto-Wilk

Photo from Anna’s Facebook and Human Nature’s Website

As the co-founder and president of Human Nature, Anna Meloto-Wilk is a superwoman that manages a social enterprise with countless communities. She shares that the business is not a walk in the park and she started by doing all the manual labor with her family. She shares that one of her biggest challenges was finding the right raw materials to make sure that they produce natural products that are both good for the environment and for their customers. Now, they have perfected their products to make sure that their products are made of at least 95% natural ingredients.

Denise Cabotage

Photo from Denise Cabotage and 205’s Instagram

Known as a PR girl, Denise is now one of the co-owners of  205 in BGC. The posh new restaurant offers delicious food and one-of-a-kind cocktails that will appeal to anyone. 205 looks very posh, but offers the best value for money, especially amongst the other establishments in BGC. Denise takes pride in promoting the restaurant to everyone because she assures that everything is made to adhere to the highest standards and with the quality that every customer deserves.

Kris Bernal

Photo from She Cosmetics PH

GMA 7’s Kris Bernal is juggling her career as an actress and an entreprenur. She manages her Korean Restaurant House of Gogi and her newly launched makeup brand She Cosmetics. Kris’ love for creating new opportunities for herself made her venture out of her comfort zone. Though makeup collections are typical for celebrities, Kris takes pride in being hands-on in creating her products. She personally formulated her products, helped in launching, and even delivered products.

Know any other female entrepreneurs who should be on the list?

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