PINASining: Philippine VoxEdit Contest


What are voxels

A voxel represents a value on a regular grid in three-dimensional space. Were voxel is the 3D equivalent of a pixel.

What is the Sandbox

The Sandbox is a virtual world where players can build, own, and monetize their gaming experiences in the Ethereum blockchain.

Who is BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace is an education hub community in the Philippines, where they help educate and guide the Filipinos through Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

How is it helping local artists

There are many great and talented local artists here in the Philippines when it comes to creating Voxel artwork, may it be using Minecraft, Roblox, MagicaVoxel, and many more. Helping local artists to be part of a community like The Sandbox where they matter most, helps them be known for what they do.  It also gives an opportunity for them to flourish and inspire others to join the game where they can express their creativity and uniqueness through art.


Dates of event

March 8, 2021 – April 16, 2021


The Sandbox × BlockchainSpace excitedly announced the winners of the first VoxEdit Contest here in the Philippines called “PINASining.”

All contestants came up with very creative assets and we were blown away by the talent among all of them. We would like to take this time to thank all contestants for their hard work!

After the public and internal votes, they have chosen the first winner for the PINASining VoxEdit Contest. She made the famous Ice Cream Cart here in the Philippines using VoxEdit App.

1ST PLACE | Sorbetes by iLaSining

Sorbetes by iLaSining 4


She has won the 1st prize of $500 in SAND with a total accumulated vote of 130. With her are 4 other artists that also made a Voxel Artwork that’s themed to the Philippines.


2ND PLACE | Mystic Duwende by focc_x

Mystic Duwende by focc x 4

$300 in SAND – 122 Votes


3RD PLACE | Pistang Pinoy by Reizalyn

Pistang Pinoy by Reizalyn 3

$100 in SAND – 103 Votes


4TH PLACE | Cute Tarsier by Ayechan

Cute Tarsier by Ayechan 1

$50 in SAND – 86 Votes


5TH PLACE | Sinigang Sa Hipon by Tepes Ovidiu

Sinigang Na Hipon by Tepes Ovidiu 2

$50 in SAND – 41 Votes


After the success of the first Philippine VoxEdit Contest, we invite you to tune in for future contests by The Sandbox × BlockchainSpace.


The PINASining is a partnership between the home of blockchain in the Philippines, BlockchainSpace, and a community-driven platform where creators can monetize voxel ASSETS and gaming experiences on the blockchain, The Sandbox.