PiliPinas: Piliin Ang Pilipinas


A Prominent Culture in Digital Art: “PILIpinas” Exhibit seeks to promote the Filipino Culture through innovative consumer products

Philippines, A country rich in traditional culture and arts, is slowly regaining its glory days. With impeccable digital and multimedia art skills in hand, The Bachelor of Applied Arts Major in Visual Design Batch 2015 of Miriam College, in partnership with ClickTheCity, is holding its annual major exhibit for the second semester of the Academic Year 2014-2015, at SM Megamall entitled “PILIpinas”, on February 27, where in the design students of Batch 2015 will showcase their talents through products and merchandise designed to promote different aspects of the Philippines.

 “PILIpinas”, a shorter term for “Piliin ang Pilipinas”, undeniably speaks for itself. Exhibited by young Filipino designers with a communal objective to sustain the spectacles of our motherland, it proudly promotes the Filipino Culture and the Arts through visually appealing and pioneering consumer products that will maintain, preserve and exalt our own culture despite the fast-paced, modernized society we are in. In line with its goals, “PILIpinas” also endorses the Philippines’ values and way of life that will pave way for an ingeniously creative imprint for generations to come. In line with the Exhibit’s disposition towards building a humane and proper society, It aims to upkeep the advocacies, campaigns and Non-government organizations of the Philippines, supporting the Government’s efforts in improving the country’s strength as a nation. With a visually entrancing experience PILIpinas has to offer, it will truly spur the interest of the group’s chosen market and audience, in which constructs a significant idea within them that our country has very much to offer in culture. 

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