Picture Perfect Photos: Photographer Gets Inspired by “The Loving Father”

Sometimes, the most inspiring and touching stories hit us out of nowhere during our daily lives. That is exactly what happened to Jayr Lagrimas, a Street Photography enthusiast, who shared his experience with us along with some loving photos of a father and his four young children.

Jayr says he was in Cubao on his way to chill in Gateway when tiredness and hunger struck from spending a lot of time walking around the Metro with his Nikon D40.

In a jeep, this father came in with his four sons and sat in front of him.

The Loving Father 1

With his camera on his bag, Jayr saw the man struggling to sit and getting his sons to compress despite the jeep not being full. I wondered why he was instructing his son to compress as the man handed their fare to the driver. According to Jayr, the jeepney driver said (in a kind way): “Ang dami niyo ahh, tapos dalawa lang babayaran mo?” [There are so many of you, but you’re only paying for two?]

“I kept watching them and snapped some photos of them,” Jayr shares. “The first two photos I captured were the perfect ones.”

The Loving Father 2

“Obviously, they aren’t rich or even average class in our society,” says Jayr, “but the way he took care of his sons, the way he smiled whenever his sons smiled, is just one heck of a self-inspiring moment and luckily, I was there to capture this picture-perfect photo of what I call ‘The Loving Father’.”

Do you have any stories of how strangers inspired you during your daily commute? Share them with us! 🙂