Pia Wurtzbach Launches Food Business That Will Take You on a Trip around the World

Pia Wurtzbach continues to prove that she is more than just Ms. Universe. Since winning the Miss Universe crown in 2015, Pia continues to break boundaries by participating in programs that will help the country, international projects, and now her very own food business.

Pia’s Kitchen is the newest online restaurant concept in the country, co-created by Pia Wurtzbach and cloud kitchen company, Cloudeats. As an avid world traveler with a culinary background and deep passion for all things food, culture & adventure, Pia marks this new and exciting collaboration as “an ode to my love of food and travel.”

The concept of Pia’s Kitchen takes a very unique format that honors both her love for travel and the Cloudeats advantage, being a cloud kitchen that designs brands made for digital and delivery-only. Pia’s Kitchen consists of a traveling menu that rotates through different cuisines inspired by a different country or region every time, where fans and fellow foodies can have a taste of the world in just a few clicks on your mobile.

“When I go to a new place, part of the experience is to go sightseeing, you go to the cultural places, the tourist attractions but it’s also important you try the food,” says Pia.

“We will be changing our menu every three months to highlight a different country or continent. I’ve been very hands-on in choosing what food to offer. It’ll be exciting for our customers because they get to try a different menu as if they were really traveling (with me),” Pia exclaims.

Pia had created different dishes that are inspired by different countries and will certainly make you feel like you are traveling. The initial dishes launched were inspired by Japan and the next on the menu are dishes inspired by countries in Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and America.

When asked about personal favorites, Pia points out the curry dishes (Pork Katsu Curry, Chicken Katsu Curry, and Beef Curry Rice) as a definite must-try. Enjoy the variety of Japanese sando dishes for a quick and savory snack or the katsudon and gyudon rice bowls for something more indulgent. The best part about it is that it’s also available 24/7!

Pia’s Kitchen is exclusively available on GrabFood 24/7. Catch the Japanese menu while it’s available until June and watch out for the next stop!

Pia’s Kitchen



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