Pia Wurtzbach Declares Her Support For The Legalization Of Same-Sex Marriage

The former Miss Universe has long-made known her support for the LGBTI community and has been a staunch supporter of granting them equal rights and protections. Just last June 20, when attending the US Embassy’s annual reception dinner for LGBTI Pride Month, Pia Wurtzbach shared her explicit advocacy of the Philippines achieving same-sex marriage.

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She declared to Inquirer that it was a dream of hers to see the Philippines reach the point of legalizing same-sex marriage: “Let’s see how long it will take us, the Catholic Church or the government before we follow suit … I hope I’m around to see that day.”

(Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray Team Up For HIV Campaign)

Pia also defended the celebration of Pride Month amidst objections and criticisms from certain groups:

First of all, we’re [LGBTI members and allies] not doing anything bad, we’re not hurting anybody. We’re not getting in anybody’s way. We’re just celebrating everyone.

(Philippine Congress Is Currently Holding An Online Poll About Same-Sex Unions)

While she acknowledges the strides that the Philippines has made towards inclusivity in recent years, she still hopes for much more to come:

Although we are moving forward, I still think there’s a lot that needs to be done. There are still some … of our brothers and sisters who don’t feel welcome in the community, who feel shunned, who don’t feel like they can openly express themselves. Each one of us has a role to play in this, where we have to show our family and friends that we are accepting, that we treat everybody equally and that we celebrate everyone.

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