Photos: These IG Posts Capture The Beauty That Is Marinduque

Once upon a time, I visited Marinduque. There’s little I know about this island province that some dub as the “heart of the Philippines”. Well, I heard people call Masbate as the heart of the Philippines too so I guess these two provinces are having a bit of a tug of war.

Anyway, I went to Marinduque in 2011 because I was mesmerized of Bellarocca, a lovely island resort that borrows the looks of Santorini. That was a time when Santorini-inspired resorts were not yet of abundance so going there felt like a must especially if it feels like the closest thing I can get to the Greek island.

However, I felt I wasn’t able to experience what Marinduque really is that time because I just stayed in the resort. Hopefully when I get back someday, I get to visit other beautiful parts of the island.

With that feeling, I browsed Instagram to see Marinduque and other parts of it. It looked amazing. It had other islands that show pristine beaches. And there’s also a nice rock formation. Okay, enough of the chit-chat and see it for yourself. These photos may make you want to book a trip there soon. Kudos to those who posted these awesome photos!

Mornings in Marinduque

Told you, Bellarocca is a beauty

#bellaroccaisland #marinduque #itsmorefuninthephilippines

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Beautiful Marinduque caligraphy is very apt

Mama Mary’s Statue with a picturesque background of nature at Balanacan Port

Going home! Enjoyed every moment here ❤???????????????????? #Marinduque

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Boac Church has a rustic and captivating allure

Boac Cathedral

A photo posted by Maraiah Angela de Sagun (@angeladesagun) on

Saying farewell at Balanacan Port 🙁

The refreshing stream at Paadjao Falls

A very rustic place yet majestic! #PaadjaoFalls #Marinduque

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A cold dip at Kawa-Kawa Falls

Taking a plunge at the Ungab Rock Formation

Swimming near Ungab Rock Formation

A trifecta of water, sand, and sky at Tres Reyes Island

Poctoy White Beach has its charm

The pristine water at Maniwaya Island

In the heart of the Philippines???? #WhenInManiwaya #FlashbackFriday

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Colorful camping in Maniwaya Island

Can’t get enough of Maniwaya Island

Heart of the Philippines ❤️???? #Marinduque #ManiwayaIsland #Marikitnabeachresort

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The stunning Palad Sand Bar

Palad sand bar ???? #SevenWanders #Travel #Marinduque #Maniwaya

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Mongpong Island and the golden sunset

These photos make me wanna go and see more of Marinduque soon!

How about you? Have you visited Marinduque? How was your trip there?