VIRAL: Photos of Pet Dogs for Sale in Tiendesitas Outrages Netizens

UPDATE: Some store owners from Tiendesitas have reacted to this story. They would like to reiterate that not all store owners there act this way. They are already coming up with a joint statement, which we hope to air next week.

When in Manila, a lot of us are dog lovers. One of the popular places to buy pets is Tiendesitas. However, Facebook user Sam Yen shared some photos on Facebook that have now become viral. She wrote:

Saw this today in Tiendecitas. It’s super depressing. 11am. Store closed. No ventilation. No water for the dogs. And the dogs surrounded by its own feces. I know this is a business and I don’t want to preach about animal rights etc, but these dogs need help. It’s completely inhumane the situation these dogs are in. It makes me so mad. Can someone please help.

Dogs in Tiendesitas1 

Many netizens were outraged and suggested finding measures to close down stores that the animals this way. The said post became an avenue for other netizens to share their experiences in Tiendesitas as well.

Marta commented:

It’s sad, but unfortunately if people keep buying from pet stores in tiendecitas, this will keep happening. Tiendecitas sell puppy mill puppies. They are not reputable breeders. 10 years ago I bought a dog from there. The amount of health problems I’ve had with her have been incredible. You think, oh cute puppy and she’s cheap… Well the price you have to pay later makes up for getting a healthy dog. I went to the ” breeders” house of one of the owners of a pet store in tiendecitas. It was a house in Quezon City. His home was filled dogs in cages in his driveway, roaming his house. And the most horrifying part… He had a shed. No light, no proper ventilation. And cages, one stacked over the other. Filled with at least 50 dogs! All living in cages with no light and used for the sole purpose of breeding. I ran away so fast. But that environment Is where puppy milled puppies come from. So now awareness is important. Do you want to welcome into your home a puppy born and raised in darkness with no love, human interaction, with a half crazy mother? And continue this business? It’s so sad  

Dogs in Tiendesitas2 Dogs in Tiendesitas3 Another commenter shared her story:

Omg! Ive never seen those stores when they were not open. Horrible!!!I had a terrible experience. Stef wanted a Shihtzu so we went and got one there two years ago. Shortly after we found out she has an infected wound in her tail underneath all the hair thats why her tail was always down. Then after that we found out she had congenital mange! Which can only be transferred from the mother! Ur not even supposed to breed a dog with that type of mange bec it will be passed on! We consider her our rescue! Thankfully after months of sleepless nights and lots of vet visits she is now a healthy princess. So be careful buying there! Never again!!

Dogs in Tiendesitas4

Sam, the one who originally posted the photo, commented:

“I wrote Tiendecitas a message on fb messenger. I couldn’t find any admin email on their website. I also sent the photos. Hopefully they reply. Will continue to write them until they do.”

Dogs in Tiendesitas5

Dogs in Tiendesitas6

Dogs in Tiendesitas7

We hope to spread awareness by posting this. To all our readers, what actions do you think we should do? Please let us know in the comments below.

We are also very much open to airing the side of Tiendesitas or the breeders who currently sell pet dogs and cats there.