PHOTOS: Chainsaw Man Café to Open Soon and All the Food Look Devilishly Delicious!

Japan is known for putting up themed cafes and restaurants after popular and trending anime or pop culture icons, so it really was only a matter of time before a coffee shop inspired by the popular show “Chainsaw Man” would pop up!

The “Chainsaw Man”-themed cafe will be opening this year in Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya, and is made to look like it’s run by the show’s kooky cast of characters including Denji and Power. So yes, you can already imagine just how gruesome some food items are going to appear. Check out some of the food that will be served to customers below!

The Devil Mont Blanc

The Devil Mont Blanc

Aftermath of Chainsaw Mans Battle Chocolate Cake

Aftermath of Chainsaw Man’s Battle Chocolate Cake

Powers Croquette Hammer Short Pasta

Power’s Croquette Hammer Short Pasta

A stark contrast to these items is a few adorable ones, such as this cute Pochita Purin Parfait and the Chainsaw Man Cake that appear to have been prepared by the characters themselves.

Pochita Purin Parfait

Pochita Purin Parfait

Chainsaw Man Cake

Chainsaw Man Cake

Here are more dishes and the restaurant’s aesthetic drinks inspired by each character:

Ultimate Rice Omelet

Ultimate Rice Omelet

Makimas Afternoon Quiche Bread Lunch

Makima’s Afternoon Quiche Bread Lunch

Aki Hayakawas Corn Beef Toasty sandwich

Aki Hayakawa’s Corn Beef Toasty sandwich

Powers Bloody Orange Juice

Power’s Bloody Orange Juice

Makimas Alluring Berry Cafe Latte

Makima’s Alluring Berry Cafe Latte

Of course, fans can also take home exclusive merch, such as character keychains, standees, and stationery where they’re dressed up in cafe uniforms and adorable Pochita tableware.

According to SoraNews24, reservations are recommended but not required. The “Chainsaw Man” pop-ups are now open in Tokyo inside the Gems Shibuya building and in Nagoya inside the department store Parco. The Osaka pop-up will open on February 22 at Tennoji Mio. The Nagoya cafe will be the first to close on March 12 while the Tokyo and Osaka cafes will run until April 2.

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Are you excited to visit these “Chainsaw Man” cafes during your trips to Japan this first quarter of the year? Sound off in the comments below!

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