PHOTOS: Cast of ‘TGIS’ have mini-reunion 23 years after the show’s debut

Whoa! It’s like we took a ride on a time machine and went back to the 90s.

The gang behind the popular youth-oriented show that most of us grew up with, TGIS (Thank God It’s Sabado), had a quick mini-reunion to celebrate the now-defunct show’s 23 years since its debut.

Those who were at the reunion were Angelu de Leon, Rica Peralejo, Michael Flores, Dingdong Dantes, Chantal Umali, Sunshine Dizon, and Ciara Sotto. Mark Reyes and Dominic Zapata who directed the show and writer Kit Langit were also at the reunion.

Here are some photos of the reunion shared on Instagram.


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#tgis23 T.G.i.S. New Generation ☺️Calai, Direk Dom, Happy, Iñaki, Rain

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#tgis23 TGIS REUNION last night ?

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So much nostalgia!!!

Michael Flores said in his post, “I think it’s time to make a reunion tv/movie project for our TGIS fans very soon! We are claiming it kaya abangan niyo!”

Who knows right? We might see a reunion show soon.

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