Photos: Carmina Villaroel and Zoren Legaspi’s twins goes to prom

Look how time flies!

Carmina Villaroel shares a proud moment on Instagram as her twins, Mavy and Cassie, dressed up for prom.

The actress captioned the post with: “And they are ready. Off to their prom. Have a great time you two. I love you both.”

carmina villaroel twins prom 1

Look how pretty Cassie is!

carmina villaroel twins prom 2

Oh, such a heartbreaker! 🙂

carmina villaroel twins prom 3

The outfits of the two were designed by Neric Beltran.

The twins haven’t fully entered showbiz but they have appeared in several commercials with their parents.

What do you think of the twins outfits?