PHOTO: Ghosts Allegedly Captured in Abandoned Hospital

After sharing with you of allegedly ghosts captured in photos by our readers, including one taken in the cemetery and another taken in a restaurant, another reader shared with us a couple of photos from their ghost-hunting activity in an abandoned hospital in Clark, Pampanga.

This is the facade of the hospital they went to.

Ghosts in Hospital (2)

According to A. Smith:

Taken from Clark Hospital in ClarkField Pampanga. We were excited for Ghost Hunting to the one of the Creepiest Building in the Country.

The security guard said that underneath the hospital is a dungeon going to a chamber where the dead bodies of American Soldiers were thrown and kept. This dark passage is said to be the passageway to the chamber. I don’t need to convince everyone to believe. It is not you who experienced it but us. A friend who has his third eye open confirmed what we saw on that dark passageway. I just want to share to those perhaps can see what I see. Whatever you wanna call it “Pareidolia” or something, its up to you… But remember “Madaming pangyayari sa paligid natin ang hindi kayang ipaliwanag at makita ng karamihan subalit totoong sila’y nandidyan para magparating ng mensahe.” (Rough translation: There are many things happening around us that we cannot explain and cannot be seen by many but they are true and are there to send us a message.)

Take note: This was also taken from my Phone and I do not Photoshop any of it because I don’t know how to Photoshop.

Here’s a photo of the passageway.

Ghosts in Hospital (1)

What did you see? Did you also see what he saw?