Phone Cases to Look Forward this 2019

One would flip seeing how much the new iPhones cost. The 2018 X series composed of iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the much talked about iPhone Xr arrived on Philippine soil late October to early November of 2018. As expected, it costs an arm and a leg. Nevertheless, people still rave about it and a lot has already got their hands on the new apple flagships.

LifeProof releases more stylish cases for 2018 iPhones

Next dilemma is if you’re willing to splurge for the new iPhone, why not invest to its security as well. It’s devastating how a phone drop can cause a dent or worse, a cracked screen. Talking about phone cases, it’s barbaric to think that protection and style can’t co-exist.

Choosing a phone case that suits your taste in fashion and can give your phone ultimate protection can be tricky. Luckily, LifeProof has released their new set of SLAM, NËXT, and FRĒ cases for the 2018 iPhones. We’re used to their clear protective cases, but this year is the first time that LifeProof SLAM series will be featuring stylish graphics accenting the sleek design of iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and Xr.



This series offers both style and drop proof. Screenless technology allows for direct contact with the touchscreen while the raised, beveled edge keeps the display protected from drops up to 6.6 feet (2 meters). The two-piece design features a clear back panel and rubberized color around the edges and front of the case. Plus, four attractive graphics options add a layer of style to the slimmest case in the LifeProof lineup. Pricing for SLAM is Php1990 to Php2490 for iPhone Xs, and Php2790 to Php2990 for iPhone Xr and Xs Max.

LifeProof SLAM



If you’re up into adventures, the NËXT series are for you. It protects you from drops, dirt, and even snow. An open-screen design allows direct access to the display, while drop protection and port covers keep iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR safe in the backyard or the backcountry. The two-piece clear shell wraps around the phone and protects the screen with a raised, beveled edge and super slim form. NËXT cases are drop tested to 6.6 feet (2 meters) and carry an IP-5X rating for blocking dirt and dust. Pricing for NËXT is Php3490 for iPhone Xs, and Php3990 for iPhone Xr and Xs Max.

LifeProof NEXT



Living up to LifeProof’s four-proof protection, FRĒ cases take pride on two-piece design has a built-in screen protector to guard against scratches to the brilliant display and seals the device from water, down to 6.6 feet (2 meters) deep, for up to an hour. Port covers keep dust and dirt out of the charging port and speakers. Pricing for FRĒ is Php4490 for iPhone Xs, and Php4990 for iPhone Xr and Xs Max.

LifeProof FRE

All LifeProof series are available at select Otterbox retail kiosks, iCentre, Power Mac Center, iStudio, InBox, and Timeline.