Philips Field Test: Consumer Lifestyle


Philips Field Test: Consumer Lifestyle


When in Manila, and you’re wondering if products from Philips are worth saving up for, here’s a heads-up before you go make a decision.


Last time I wrote about the Philips Consumer Lifestyle showcase of 2012. And while it sounded appealing in theory, having the actual products in your home is a completely different story.


Philips allowed me to test two of their products – the Philips SHQ1017 Sweatproof Sports Earphones and the AquaTouch AT750 Electric Shaver. Both represent rather common products that Philips would make. For two weeks I used them as part of my routine, and so far this is what I make of it.




Philips Field Test: A Close Shave


The AquaTouch was the first in my Philips field test. Right off the bat ‘d say it isn’t exactly something you’d find in the average home. Nonetheless, it is a very good investment for those who are into the whole grooming business.


 AT750 20 IMS global


It’s a three-headed shaver, and the whole premise of such is that it hugs your face well. The AquaTouch makes short work of any stubble that you’d like to clean up.




Another quirk of the AquaTouch is that it can shave wet and dry. The fact that it’s waterproof means that you can use your typical shaving cream and water setup, or shave on the go. Either way, the results are very similar.


I had my father test the AquaTouch, and while he wasn’t entirely sure of the whole electric shaver business, he agreed that it shaved quite well. 


Overall, the AquaTouch is a very versatile and useful grooming tool, especially for those on the go who still look for a good wet shave. A word of advice though would be to clean the insides regularly – it’s waterproof anyways.




Philips Field Test: Sound for Sweat


Along with the AquaTouch, Philips allowed me to field out the SHQ1017 Sports Earphones. These buds are sweatproof and washable, ideal for sports nuts – or really sweaty people, such as myself.



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I put our through it’s paces right after getting it, getting drenched on the way home. They performed well, even after constant use in the same manner.


These earphones were designed  with Apple users particularly in mind. With an inline smart rocker and microphone, the 1017 is compatible with all later versions of the iPod, iPhone and iPad.



Another nifty feature is that there is a breakaway connector on the cable. The headset is only 0.6 meters long, long enough to reach your armband when jogging (or in my case, down to my younger brother’s pants). The extender cable its also 0.6 m.


My only peeve about  this unit is its frequency range. While most other units of the type provide an average 20-20,000 Hz, these earphones have a rather feeble bassline of only 30-20,000 Hz. In hindsight, with your heart racing in an intense workout, there really is little need for one.


Philips Field Test: The Verdict

Overall these two products represent only a very small part of the Philips family of consumer lifestyle products; nonetheless my experience with them its quite pleasant. This Philips field test proves that these products have quality, and that it won’t be unwise to get them.


So When in Manila, and you’re interested in Philips products, I’d say go for it. It’s a pretty good investment in the long run.


Philips Field Test: Consumer Lifestyle