Filipinos May Finally Have Access To A 3-Day Visa-Free Stay In South Korea For 2020

Yonhap News, a government-funded South Korean news agency, reported the happy news that South Korea would be allowing visa-less foreigners to stay up to 72 hours at regional airports.

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In a bid to increase tourism in the country’s lesser-visited regions, the country’s government officials met to discuss a package of policy measures pertaining to restrictions on tourists. The government meeting concluded with 4 major policy measures that serve to promote regional tourism.

These measures include a new visa program for Southeast Asian countries and the expansion of the country’s visa-free stay program to regional airports.

“(South Korea) plans to sign a treaty with ASEAN to allow young people from the region to enjoy regional tours and language studies while staying in South Korea up to one year,” according to a government press release.

The 3-Day Visa-Free stay has to do with the government opening up new flight routes from countries like Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines to more regional airports. Doing so would allow foreigners from these countries to make use of the 72 hours visa-free stay at South Korean regional airports they will be afforded.

The visa-free program is currently only available for foreigners who transfer through Incheon International Airport and fulfill a certain set of requirements. It is still unclear how and under what conditions exactly the new policy will be implemented.

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