Zombies Are Rising All Over The World

To Thrill For A Good Cause! 




Thrill The World events are being planned in 6 continents all over the world in a global tribute to Michael Jackson to perform “Thriller” dance simultaneously for World Record and are expected to dance with between 10,000-50,000 participants worldwide on a World Thrill time at 7:00pm GMT, Saturday, October 27, 2012.


Marikina City, October 24 /News-Second Call/ — Tick-Tock! Tick-Tock! Check the Funky Zombie Clock! The world is counting down to its biggest and funkiest annual Halloween dance party: Thrill the World! People in cities around the world are getting ready to an Annual Worldwide Simultaneous Dance of Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ for World Records and Charity.


The Global Tribute to Michael Jackson will take place in cities across the world, including Osaka, Los Angeles, Melbourne, London, Marikina, Salvador, Istanbul, Berlin, Bogota, Dublin, Paris and Montreal, and many other cities! Funky Zombies will synchronize their watches and their moves this Halloween Saturday 27th October 2012 to perform ‘Thriller’ at EXACTLY the same time: 7pm GMT/ UTC.   Philippines return for the 3rd time and will dance at precisely 3am, (Philippines time) to join the world’s “Largest Simultaneous Thriller Dance” which has raised over $250,000 for over 500 humanitarian causes.


Thrill The World was founded by Ines Markeljevic in Toronto, Ontario, Canada in 2006, from the initial 62 dancers have increased participants exponentially which resulted in a Guinness World Record. Now in its 7th year, there will be an attempt at achieving a world record; the highest number of people participating stands at 22,596 which is the current world record.


Thrill The World Philippines is currently giving away slippers for poor and street children for their charity, Thrill Walk Program and are launching an awareness campaign to promote fun and healthy lifestyle to youngsters and seniors through dance education to remain active and strengthen their contribution to society. The event is lead by a global team of volunteers are involved in many charities around the world, raising funds for organizations serving humanity, animals and environment.  Also, the organization is in partnership with Zombie Walk Baguio City and Urdaneta to raise awareness and campaign for the event and the cause.