Philippine Wrestling Revolution Presents the Third Annual Wrevolution X!

Get ready for full throttle as Philippine Wrestling Revolution presents the third annual Wrevolution X! All roads will be leading to the UNILAB Bayanihan Center on April 30th for the biggest pro-wrestling event in the Philippines this 2017.

Wrevo X 2017 Main Poster

Here are all the reasons why you shouldn’t miss the big one.

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: John Sebastian (c) vs. Chris Panzer


Virtually nobody could put an end to the self-proclaimed Wrestling Lord and Savior’s PWR Championship reign. But Kanye West put it best: WHAT’S A GOD TO A NON-BELIEVER? And Chris Panzer believes that John Sebastian is but a man whose time is up.

For the longest time, Chris Panzer has been labeled a choke artist — always letting opportunities slip away when it matters the most. For years, he had to keep crawling and crawling his way back up the PWR ranks over and over and over. And just when everybody least expected it, Panzer grabbed the opportunity of his career by winning the 2017 Path of Gold Tournament. This opportunity grants him an instant title shot at Wrevolution X. And come April 30th, the “Wrestling Lord and Savior” John Sebastian will have to move the heavens because Chris Panzer will be putting his supremacy to the test.

3-WAY PHX CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH: Peter Versoza (c) vs. SANDATA vs. Ralph Imabayashi or Chino Guinto


The Philippine Hybrid X (or PHX) Championship division has never been this turbulent. During their last outing, SANDATA made Ralph Imabayashi tap out to an ankle lock to secure a #1 contender’s spot for the PHX Title. However, after reviewing the tapes, it was observed that Imabayashi’s leg was clearly on the ropes when the call was made. Controversial as it may be, all calls made by PWR official during matches are final. But this doesn’t mean that PWR General Manager Mr. Sy can’t make things right again in the division.
Ralph Imabayashi will be facing off against Chino Guinto — who, despite entering at #1 during the 2017 Path of Gold match, made it to the final 3 — for another PHX Title opportunity. The winner of the bout will be booked to go up against PHX Champion Peter Versoza and SANDATA in a 3-way Championship Match the same night.

PWR CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT FINALS: Fighters 4 Hire vs. Deadly Sinns vs. The YOLO Twins


PWR is about to crown its first ever Tag Team Champions! And if you’ve been following PWR lately, you’ll know that there is nothing quite as exciting as PWR’s Tag Team Division. During PWR LIVE: Mainit, we kicked off the first-ever PWR Tag Team Tournament, and out of 6 teams only 3 came out on top. They are Miguel Rosales and Joey Bax of the FIGHTERS 4 HIRE, Mike Madrigal and Vlad Sinnsyk of DEADLY SINNS, and brothers Yohann and Logan Ollores, The YOLO Twins.

Who will be hailed as the Philippines’ first ever tag champs? What will the PWR Tag Team Championship belts look like? You’ll have to be at Wrevolution X to find out.



For months we’ve been watching Crystal and Robynn do their own thing in PWR — with the former making her mark as a singles competitor, and the latter in the tag team circuit (partnered with Martivo to form the Punk Dolls duo). But at Wrevolution X, we’ll be doing things a bit differently as we all witness the FIRST EVER women’s match in PWR! It doesn’t matter if you’re #TeamCrystal or #TeamRobynn, because frankly, this match will be too awesome to play favorites.

“BEAUTIFUL” Billy Suede vs. “THE SENYORITO” Jake De Leon


When the cocky Billy Suede came to the Philippines, all he wanted was to square off with the best pro-wrestling talents the country has to offer. Being a former NWA Canadian Junior Heavyweight Champion, the Beautiful One has yet to face a worthy opponent. After being let down by the “inadequacies” of the opponents he’s had been put up against, Billy has been growing impatient. But it seems he just found what he’s been looking for in the 2-time Philippine Wrestling Revolution Champion, “The Senyorito” Jake De Leon. And at Wrevolution X, these two men will be showing everybody how pro-wrestling is done here in the Philippines. This will definitely be one of those rare, historic matches that everybody will still be talking about for years after it’s done!

ALL OUT WAR: Rederick Mahaba vs. The Apocalypse


There are some things that are quite difficult to explain. One of those things is when The Apocalypse attacked Rederick Mahaba from out of nowhere and for no reason with a steel crowbar during the 2017 Path of Gold Match. This would cost the big guy a neck injury and the match. Finally getting medical clearance to again wrestle, Mahaba has issued a challenge for The Apocalypse at Wrevolution X — a match in his very own sadistic playground: ALL OUT WAR. No disqualifications. No count outs. No holds barred. Just two men ready to let it all out in a grudge match to end all grudge matches!

James “Idol” Martinez vs. “The Man Doll” Martivo


James “Idol” Martinez has been wrongfully accusing “The Man Doll” Martivo for eliminating him from the 2017 Path of Gold match. To get things even, the leader of The Network caused a distraction during Martivo’s Tag Team Tournament match, costing the general of the Rainbow Squad his shot at the finals. And so before the whole thing escalates into a full-blown catastrophe, the two men will be settling the score where it should be settled: inside the PWR ring.

All these great matches and more await at the show of shows: Wrevolution X 2017. April 30th, 2PM, at the UNILAB Bayanihan Center.

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Earlybird Tickets (until April 29th) – P350 each

Barkada Bundle (until April 29th) – P999 for 3 tickets

Regular Tickets (April 30th, at the venue) – P400 each

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