Philippine Internet Download Speed: How It Ranks With the Rest of the World

Philippine Internet Download Speed

Ookla, an Internet speed measuring tool and metrics provider, just released a list that ranks different countries in terms of Internet download speed.

From the list, it showed that the Philippine Internet download speed ranks 176th out of the 200 countries with data obtained. The mean speed is 3.65Mbps.

On top of the list is Singapore with 121.81Mbps while the bottom is Niger with 1.30Mbps.

The top ten are as follows:

1. Singapore – 121.81Mbps

2. Hong Kong – 102.63Mbps

3. Saint Pierre and Miquelon – 92.51Mbps

4. Japan – 82.15Mbps

5. Romania – 74.13Mbps

6. South Korea – 59.60Mbps

7. Lithuania – 58.91Mbps

8. Sweden – 58.67Mbps

9. Macau – 51.13Mbps

10. Netherlands – 50.67Mbps

The average global broadband download speed is 23.3Mbps. It appears to be about eight times faster compared to the Philippines.

The global average value is $5.21 per Mbps. In the Philippines, users spend an average of .

24 per Mbps, making it one of the most expensive in the world.

Pasay is the location with the best Internet download speed in the Philippines with 11.03Mbps.

The top ten are as follows:

1. Pasay  Р11.03Mbps

2. Pampanga – 8.75Mbps

3. Marilao – 8.48Mbps

4. Muntinlupa City – 7.16Mbps

5. Roxas – 5.78Mbps

6. Malabon – 5.59Mbps

7. Lapu-Lapu – 5.25Mbps

8. Cebu City – 5.07Mbps

9. Lipa City – 4.93Mbps

10. Cagayan de Oro – 4.89Mbps

Manila ranks 32 out of the 50 Philippine locations with speed of 3.85Mbps.


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