Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 2017 is Back!

Final Poster PIDC 2017

Change has come, but we have a long way to go.

To solve existing problems, we must rethink our perspective and look through different lenses and realities.

To exceed limitations, we must resist being boxed into stereotypes and be willing to go the extra mile for our principles and advocacies.

To conquer tomorrow, we must retake the path less traveled to speak up for those who cannot.

Challenge status quo and let your voice be heard, loud and clear. Join us as we rethink realities, resist the chains of conformity, and retake the truth for those who have been robbed of it.

Get ready for #PIDC2017.

Philippine Inter-Collegiate Debating Championship 2017
Rethink. Resist. Retake.
June 2-7, 2017 || UP Diliman