Philippine Eagle Pamana Shot DEAD On Chest

It’s a tragic day for our Philippine endangered species.

Pamana eagle dead 2

Pamana, one of the 400 Philippine eagles endangered in the country, was found dead just two months after she was freed into her new forest habitat. The eagle was apparently shot dead on the right breast.

According to local reports, Pamana’s decomposing body was found just one kilometer away from her new forest home at Sitio Tomalite in San Isidro, Davao Oriental just this Sunday, August 16. Just two months before, the three-year-old Pamana was freed into her new home on Independence Day.

Pamana eagle dead

Local reports say that while the killer is still unknown, this is a blatant violation of the Wildlife Act of 2002.

According to reports, the Philippine Eagle Foundation (PEF) are very distraught over the news, especially considering that Pamana was killed in a preserved and protected area.

The PEF found Pamana and took the eagle in, putting her through a tedious rehabilitation process before she was sent back out into the wild.

Celebrity and wildlife expert Kuya Kim posted on his Facebook page about the eagle’s death.

Pamana eagle dead 3

Many of our local wildlife species are fighting for survival, and it is important that we take our part in ensuring that their species carry on to avoid extinction.

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