LOOK: Milky Way Becomes More Visible Over Metro Manila During Community Quarantine

“Can you see the Milky Way core with the naked eye? If you are in a place with low light pollution, the answer is yes,” the Philippine Astronomical Society (PAS) captions a phenomenal photo showcasing the Milky Way galaxy over the Metro Manila skyline.


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Of course, capturing it through the lens of a camera would still be more effective. While skies have been clearing up over Metro Manila over the course of the enhanced community quarantine (and this may or may not necessarily have a causal relationship), it’s not quite enough to catch a clear glimpse of the Milky Way without any tools just yet.

But it is (just!) enough for this photo of the galactic center over the city lights of Makati and Quezon City. Taken from Manila, you can see that it is barely visible in the photo even with some minor enhancements. 

“The clear sky, new moon, less air pollution, and less light pollution than usual made this photo possible,” PAS explains.

Photographed by PAS President Kashogi Astapan, the image was shared as part of the society’s #AstroAtHome series, a weekly series of astrodiscussions.

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