Phil So Good – Julien Drolon featuring Rhian Ramos



Rhian Ramos with Julien Drolon singing Phil So Good



When In Manila, French singer/songwriter Julien Drolon will release Phil So Good, a 6 tracks EP available online March 25.


The EP will feature the lead single entitled itself “Phil So Good” featuring Rhian Ramos, as well as No More Divisions a song produced by Jimmy Antiporda.






If you’ve ever daydreamed of taking a tropical vacation, sipping a fruity drink and dancing in the white sand, Julien’s debut EP “Phil So Good” would be the album to listen this summer. With its good feeling music, positive messages, and harmonic supporting vocals, “Phil So Good” will make you feel so good. But as the title implies, Julien felt in love with the Philippines where he wrote and recorded his album. You can now listen to Julien and Rhian with their recorded version of Phil So Good on You Tube



Phil So Good – Julien Drolon featuring Rhian Ramos





Julien will premiere the music video of Phil So Good ft Rhian Ramos on March 21 on You Tube. Phil So Good will be available at all online retailers (Itunes, Amazon etc) beginning March 25.


Phil So Good track listing:

1. “Free To Love”

2. “No More Divisions”

3. “Phil So Good”

4. “Wake up”

5. “Peace Through Music”

6. “End Of Time”



Phil So Good – Julien Drolon featuring Rhian Ramos

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