PHI-JPN SAKURA: Stronger Amity and Kinship through Uniting and Reconnecting Advocates

Calling all JENESYS alumni, cosplayers, and Japanese enthusiasts!

AFS Philippines is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the JENESYS program this December 1, 2018 at the Eagle Broadcasting Corporation Atrium in Diliman. The Japan-East Asia Network of Exchange Students and Youths Programme is a project advanced by the Japanese government from the standpoint of providing a sound foundation for strong solidarity within Asia through large-scale youth exchange. To commemorate its 10th year, AFS Philippines is hosting an event targeting all JENESYS alumni and Japanese culture enthusiasts.

The event will be divided into two sessions. The morning session is entitled ‘Nippon Go!’and is intended for the JENESYS alumni and other Japanese culture advocates (cosplayers, anime and comic enthusiasts, toy collectors, etc.) to connect with each other through their experiences and interests with a help of an interactive race. Cosplayers attending the event will have a chance to be awarded as best Japanese pop culture ambassador through a final runway presentation in the afternoon session. On the other hand, the ‘Sakura Sessions’ in the afternoon are three plenary sessions with topics on international education, professional development in the Japanese workforce, and technology innovation. These topics are all related to nation-building which is in-line with the AFS Intercultural Programs Philippines mission of creating a more just and peaceful world.

For event agenda and JENESYS Anniversary information kit, kindly send an email to phi.voldev@afs .org or call 02-584-2002.

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