Pharmacy Week 2020: Celebrating 149 Years of Excellence in the Academe

It is yet another time for celebration in the Faculty of Pharmacy, celebrating 149 years of excellence in the academe!

PHARMACY WEEK, the Faculty of Pharmacy college week, will be held this March 9 to 14, 2020. It is an annual occasion that brings light to the spirit of camaraderie among the students of the Faculty. Featuring 17 exciting activities ranging from a spectacular opening to various alternative learning classes like Chinese calligraphy, sign language, self-defense and many more, it is sure to spread a festive mood to the whole faculty!

The event will start off with a solemn College mass that is a traditional rite for any event that the Faculty of Pharmacy holds. A riveting time of music and dance will then officially welcome the start of the Pharmacy Week 2020 featuring bands that will surely hype the crowd for what’s more to come for this week-long event.

There will also be a sports event wherein students will hustle to win the title of the Pharma Cup champion in Basketball, Volleyball and Philippine games. The anticipated bazaar, The 150th Alley, will of course be present in the festival hosting a large selection of food and non-food stalls to choose from, featuring some of the sponsors and partners of the faculty for this thrilling event. You might pick up a cute whatnot along the way, who knows?

Want a night immersed in the arts? Look out for Kanlungan: The Faculty of Pharmacy Arts and Poetry Night to touch your soul and serenade your ears. And as aforementioned, alternative learning classes will take up a big part of the week, with 10 classes to choose from. You get to try something new and have fun! What’s not to love?

This event will host around 3,500 students from the departments of Pharmacy, Medical Technology and Biochemistry. This big audience is sure to be in for a good time through the collaboration of the 13 accredited organizations that contributed to the upcoming success of this event.

The Faculty of Pharmacy has always emphasized the importance of teamwork and cooperation among its student leaders, but it’s highlighted especially in an event like this. It is with great joy for the administration along with the student council and all the organizations to spearhead an event that will give the students a breather from their never-ending dedication to their studies.

And so, join us in an equal mix of learning and fun put in one event! Welcome to PHARMACY WEEK 2020!

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