Petron Lakbay Alalay (Travel Assistance) Program: Helping Travelers Keep Safe on the Roads

When In Manila, it’s really nice to hear about positive programs that bring a lasting positive impact to our society.

Just in case you missed it, The Petron Lakbay Alalay (Travel Assistance) program went into full force!

Here’s how they kicked it off –

And just recently they moved forward with their promises and initiatives. To promote the Lakbay Alalay tree planting activity, customers who gassed up at participating Petron stations got a chance to have a tree named to them if they allow us to stick a Lakbay Alalay sticker on their car.

But it wasn’t just that, there was more that Petron’s Lakbay Alalay Program was doing to assist commuters and ensure that they have a safe and pleasant trip throughout the high travel summer season in the Philippines.


Petron set up free porter services at participating Bus Stations throughout the Philippines to assist passengers on loading/carrying their bags for their trip. This was done to make passengers feel the Lakbay Alalay more by providing bag tags on each station for the passengers with the help of Petron volunteers.



When In Manila, keep an eye out for cool programs like that of the Petron Lakbay Alalay and why not lend out a helping hand yourself!