Petchola True My Pet’s Newest Discovery

It’s funny how nowadays, many people who go out pushing a stroller are furents. YES! You heard me right inside these strollers are our favorite four-legged friends who never fail to brighten up our days.  The saying man’s best friend doesn’t even come close since they are more than that—they are family.

As a furent I make sure that I give only the best to my dogs, from their shampoo, vitamins, and food, everything was well researched and suggested by fellow furents. Keep in mind that the most important thing we should research is the food we will give our dogs. The food does not only affect their long-term health but also how shiny and silky their coat will be.

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However, finding the right dog food is a bit tricky, you must ensure that it does not have any allergic reactions and it is something that your dog would love to eat! Honestly speaking I have tried a dozen of brands but I was pleasantly surprised with Petchola True. It has a grain-free formula that is tailor-made for every breed size.  Meaning there are no soy, wheat, corn, fillers, artificial flavors or coloring. It was carefully researched and made with the thought of giving your dog the best diet for them to live a healthy and happy life.

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Petchola True prides itself on having a powerful complex recipe that includes aloe vera to strengthen and stimulate their immune system, moringa that helps prevent long-term health issues, and coconut oil to ensure that your dog has a shiny coat and good oral health.

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With all this in mind it’s no wonder why Nico and Pochi chose to be their brand ambassadors because PETCHOLA is a TRUE believer in making the best for our best friend.