PETA’s iconic play, “Ang Buhay ni Galileo,” returns this September 28!

“It’s almost unbelievable that there ever was a time when a simple fact we know to be true – that the Earth revolves around the sun – is something that did not only have to be proven, but fought for to be revealed to the masses. … Perhaps so we can be reminded that the knowledge we enjoy is a privilege hard-won by the great thinkers who came before us.” – Theater Fans Manila

“… the original material, made more poignant and powerful by Alan Glinoga’s translation, was one glorious intellectual discourse on the essence of revolution: Is change truly necessary? Should one sacrifice peace for progress? Is there logic in maintaining personal integrity and the beliefs one holds to be true, at the cost of liberty, reputation and happiness?” –

The Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) presents one of its landmark and iconic performances, Bertolt Brecht’s “Ang Buhay Ni Galileo” this coming September 28 until October 7 at the PETA Theater Center. Revolving around the life of the 16th-century scientist, Galileo Galilei, the play embodies the illuminating and forceful arguments of science, but also the throbbing conflict of wills, motives, and passions. The timelessness of this PETA classic shows the resistance made by the authoritarian and conservative elements of the time against the coming of a new age.

“Ang Buhay Ni Galileo” has garnered awards from Philstage 10th Gawad Buhay 2018: Outstanding Translation or Adaptation, Outstanding Original Musical Composition, Outstanding Male Lead Performance in a Play (for Joel Lamangan), Outstanding Male Featured Performance in a Play (for Bodjie Pascua and Noel Comia, Jr.), Outstanding Ensemble Performance for a Play, and Outstanding Production of Existing Material for a Play.

Featured in this production are Joel Lamangan as Galileo, Upeng Galang-Fernandez, Randy Villarama, Noel Comia, Jr., Jojo Atienza, Jack Yabut, Roi Calilong, GieOnida, JP Cuare, Zoe Damag, Archi Adamos, Bodjie Pascua, Boy Aquino, Joseph Madriaga, Bene Manaois, Fredyl Hernandez, Norbs Portales, Manny Pambid, Raffy Tejada, Jason Barcial, John Moran, Ian Segarra, Ada Tayao, Kabaitan Bautista and many more.

Ang Buhay Ni Galileo is directed by Rody Vera, written by Bertolt Brecht, and adapted to Filipino by Alan Glinoga, with costume and set design by Brenda Fajardo and Boni Juan, and lights design by Roman Cruz. For tickets, go to or

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